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Who We Are

About Us

Born the first of November1980, Empress MagiK Maggie Diamante grew up in the countryside of Ramona, County of San Diego, California. As a child, she loved competitive contact sports as much as the performing arts. Maggie was the first female wrestler and high school football player in the town of Ramona.

With a desire to help people, she studied neuroscience and psychology in college, yet later decided that was not her true path.

Due to her Native American roots, Maggie has always had a deep connection to Gaia, the Mother Earth. She never hesitates to dive into her swimming pool, fully clothed to save a drowning bee.In fact, Maggie is completely committed to bee advocacy and environmental protection and activism.

Despite, being dedicated to the performing arts her entire life, she never considered herself artistic. Her first bee totem, Bee Cautious California,was made from items shefound, including trash, during a stroll in Solana Beach. After arriving home, she emptied the contents of her pockets onto a table and “they just kinda stacked themselves.I see them as puzzle pieces, part of a final design known only by the Universe. I start without any intention and simply follow the path laid out before me.”

Suffering from debilitating depression, MagiK spent almost a decade confined to her bedroom. At times near death,with bedsores the size of a sand dollar, she relied onthe 

lovingsupport of her family tohelp her climb out of the bowels of Hell. Now 4 years later she has completely transformed life, while founding Bee Amazing & Bee Blissful Coffee.

MagiK Maggie’s vision is through Bee Amazing we can help to create a flourishing global bee population coexisting with humans that embody be amazing speed totems inspiring titles. Bee Amazing plans to do this by providing educational and entertaining, multifaceted, interactive experience which also inspire mankind to BeeAmazing.

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Who We Are


  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision

A flourishing global bee population co-existingwith humans that embody Bee Amazing’s bee totems’ inspiring titles.




To protect the bees by providing educational and entertaining, multi-faceted, interactive experiences which also inspire mankind to bee amazing.

Issue Statement :

Bee Amazing provides interactive forums with a call to action on how to save the bees and educate people of their necessity and current endangerment. This is done through passing legislation that removes harmful chemicals threatening the bees, international festival-like music productions, educational and entertaining school assemblies, selling of “Bee Amazing” merchandise such as bee totems and posters, relocation of urban hives, and funding bee gardens.

Elevator Pitch: Bee Amazing is my nonprofit that works to pass legislation outlawing the use of particularly harmful chemicals to bees. As well as, providing educational and entertaining interactive events for people of all ages.

Legislation:   “Bee Amazing”, in conjunction with Emerald Ambassadors Inc, has come together to write, fund and pass legislation outlawing particular chemicals known to be harmful to bees, specifically neonictides.

Festivals: Bee Amazing will soon have an educational and interactive booth where people can view the bee totems as well as make their own “Bee Bracelet.” This will be used at festivals throughout the world to spread awareness of the plight of the bees.

School Assemblies: An entertaining and educational show followed by a make your own “Bee Amazing Bracelet” that can be worn or gifted to others with the trait you’ve listed. For example a “Bee Kind” bracelet. The goal is to not only educate kids on what bees do for us, but to also inspire them to Bee Amazing themselves.  

Bee Totems: A unique creation from “Bee Amazing” founder Maggie Diamante. Each piece is a combination of local earth materials showcasing a deceased bee, used to honor the bee’s life and spread awareness of their plight. This Art display is a draw for people at festivals, assemblies, and musical extravaganzas.

Merchandise: “Bee Bracelets” and photographs of bee totems can be silk screened on to hanging tapestries and shirts.

Relocation of Hives: We help people and businesses pair with a bee hive removal company to pay for the relocation of any hive that has been marked for extermination. We find land where theses hives can be relocated to and help facilitate the process.

Bee Gardens: Bee Amazing website will list flowers that attract bees as well as tips to bring other pollinators such as butterflies to help encourage the usage of local wild flowers that are vital to the bees.

International Musical Extravaganza: We provide a “Burning Man style party” with high vibrational music to accompany fire performers, aerialists, and LED performers. The walls of the venue will be covered in large boards that inform people of everything the bees do for mankind. Packets of seeds will bee handed out to those in attendance.

Customers: Attendees of music festivals and dance parties. School age children.