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"It's Great To Be You" is a book designed for pre-school to 2nd graders to help them understand how their uniqueness is what makes them special.

It is a story about a child who doesn't seem to fit in, but keeps on being their wonderful self anyways and realizes they are great the way they are.

What makes this book truly special is that you get to dedicate the foreword of the book yourself specifically to your child AND upload your favorite picture of them being their most unique self. That picture goes into the final page of the book with the line, "It's great to be YOU!"

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About the Author

Rob Diamante is a writer, martial artist, dream creator, and political activist who believes we can achieve anything with the right mental attitude. He uses creative mediums to spread a message of love, hope, fun and possibility for people to live their... "Best. Life. Ever.".

His mission is to encourage everyone to go past their limiting beliefs and truly embrace their life. He hopes this book can help play a role in inspiring the next generation to accept themselves as they are and be their very best.



Ethan thinks he is a celebrity now. He took it to school to show his friends. He used to think his skin condition made less or not as good as the other kids, but lately he is embracing it in a positive way.

Spokane, WA
I grew up thinking I would never be accepted because of my height and weight. We work with Josiah so he doesn't go through the same bullying. We read his copy of "It's Great To Be You" every night and I can tell it reminds him it's ok to be tall.

Kalamazoo, MI
This is so cool! My child has self-confidence issues and this really brightened his day. He reads it all the time. We HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who has a first grader.

Los Angeles, CA
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