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“Get A License consultants" assist those workers who have prior and current experience in the building industry but don’t have relevant qualifications, as they are busy in work, we help them to be qualified and get them registered in Fair Trading NSW to get their trade/builder licenses, so they become fully compliance and licensed. It’s our passion to support the building industry where many construction workers are unqualified and unlicensed whether they are too busy or unaware of being compliance.

As the Building industry grows due to the high demand and less supply in residential sector and tradies become even busier than before to fulfill remand which becomes complicated. We are here to assist and support what they need, continue to operate legally, be qualified, be safely and compliance by following the legislation requirements to improve your abilities to work and expand your business opportunities. We offer our specialized service as a free face to face consultation to make sure you get what you need and deserve to be fully compliance.

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Quality Compliance

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What We Do

A building industry starts we can assist turning your labour/work experience into a qualification through RPL and assist you to get your license in your trade.

This is how we do it in 4 simple steps,

1, Free Face to face Initial consultation, we will explain and assist you step by step

2, Quality Compliance. we will explain and assist you step by step

3, Draft your application. we will explain and assist you step by step

4, Application Submission. we will explain and assist you step by step

A building industry expert will listen to your previous and current experience background to navigate your individual and business license requirements to simplify complications step by step that how can we assist you to achieve your licensing compliance. In other words we assist you through entire process of Govt licensing regulations to save you time and frustration to become licensed builder/Trade contractor. Our consultant will also provide you with guidance and assist you how to collect required information and prepare license application/s for submission in NSW, VIC and QLD

How Can We Help?

Remember! Most of applications get refused due to incomplete or irrelevant information provided in applications, We have many years of experience to get lodged hundreds of applications successfully.

We can assist you in the following.

1. Type of licenses

• Builder License

• Building Trade License

• Company Builder License

• Company Trade License

• Qualified Supervisor Certificate Card

• Tradesperson Certificate Card

• Expired/Refusal/Rejected/Suspended License

• Interstate License (Mutual Recognition)

2. License class options

We will conduct an initial assessment to explain the best option as per your experience and eligibility.

3. Business and Financial Capacity

Upon assessments we will explain business and financial capacity as per Govt regulations.

4. Licensing Requirements

We will explain you Govt licensing requirements in detail upon assessment on every stage.

5. Refusal/ Rejection/ Expired Licence re-applications

We will assist your re-application preparations as per licensing regulations.

6. Pathways to your Licensing

We will explain you in detail upon assessment stages of your experience, qualification to get your license.

7. Investigate your experience and builder references

We will do thorough research and investigate your experience with your builder to compile everything to lodge your application as per licensing requirements


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What qualification/s do you hold?

Frequemtly Asked Question

1. How much does it cost ?

Every individual has a different scenario; we will complete the initial assessment of your qualifications and experience to be able to advise you on our fees.

2. How long does it take?

Apart from building authority application processing time, it takes us up to one month to compile all required information provided to us.

3. Do you guarantee a license?

No! even licensing authority does not guarantee of approval, it all depends on legit qualifications, relevant experience and references which result in a positive outcome.

4. What if my application gets rejected?

The licensing authority usually provide reasons and may require further clarification before refusal, in such cases we assist to further requirements or reapply to fulfill any further requirements.

5. I am ready to start, how can you help me?

Submit Inquiry form to arrange face-to-face initial assessment to get started

6. What must my builder provide?

Your builder or nominated qualified supervisor is your referee who has supervised you and can provide detailed information required to sign you off.

7. Can I pay your consultation fee in instalments?

Yes, you can pay on each stage of your application progress.

8. How can you help me achieving my qualifications

We have number of current RTOs to enrol you in regular classes and through RPL.

9. How can I be eligible if I have a criminal record, disciplinary action, bankruptcy, or insolvency?

We ask you to seek legal advice in such scenarios.

Any other questions please submit our general inquiry form, and we will get back to you.

Mutual Recognition

Mutual Recognition (MR) arrangements enable a licensed worker to work in another state or territory by having their qualifications recognised in NSW and vice versa.

Under the MR system you can practise an equivalent occupation in NSW if the activities you're authorised to carry out under your original licence are substantially the same as those under the occupational licence in NSW.

We can assist you to transfer and register your interstate license to any Australian state and Territory including New Zealand

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