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Graze Valley, promoted by Cattle Valley Pvt. Ltd., is an ambitious project to enable the eco-friendly and sustainable breeding and trading of goat and male buffalo under stall feeding method. After setting up a total ecosystem at global standards on the lap of the western ghats with enough green and wholesome water throughout the whole year, the project plans to create a natural habitat to enhance the breeding and growth of the two most productive species of the present: Murrah for buffalo and Malabari & Beetal goats.


Natural &



What We Offer


1000 buffaloes for farming per year

& Beetal Goats

1200 goats for farming per year.

The Graceful Projections

Healthy Returns

Given the rising demand for quality food all over the globe and the craze for the red meat, investing in long term wholesome projects in animal husbandry related segments is all the more rewarding than any other options especially in the post Covid scenario. Graze Valley’s vision of procuring a very large expanse of land and a sustainable mode of development enhances the chances of healthy returns.

The Graceful Projections

The Graceful Future

Exploring the possibilities of the locale and the rich habitat with diverse and exotic flora and fauna all around, Graze Valley envisions triple expansion plans in near future. Utilising the present land expanse and through the further purchase of affordable properties around augmented with eco-friendly and aesthetic architectural marvels, We do plan to launch a Farm Tourism project in near future after setting up a prodigious bio diversity park and poultry farm.

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